Hong Kong’s Symphony of Lights – Hong Kong Video

The largest permanent light show in the world, performed by the towers of Central District, Hong Kong. This is how the light show looks from the other side of the harbour, on the waterfront in Kowloon. The show lasts for 15 minutes every night – this video shows just the last six minutes.

23 Responses to “Hong Kong’s Symphony of Lights – Hong Kong Video”

  1. bobbyboy67 says:

    Kinda lame actually.

  2. SchiffThomas says:

    There’s aliens out there going “WTF WAS THAT GREEN SHIT?!”

  3. MsAdulterio says:

    ♥ hong kong

  4. FourthOsprey says:

    Nah I’m not I live upstate. But that’s just my opinion. If we’re being honest, I’ll be the first to say they’re both pretty awesome. We can call this one a draw my good man. Until next time…

  5. ChunhonYau says:

    @FourthOsprey cuz u r from NYC…

  6. FourthOsprey says:

    that doesn’t beat NYC

  7. IncisionVision says:

    Watch this video for a light show you will never forget.

  8. Zero2562130 says:

    Cyberpunk city up in this bitch. Adam Smith, eat your heart out.

  9. jahnsmikey says:

    The Bank of China tower is my favorite building in Hong Kong, especially at night.

  10. MIDNAq1LINK says:

    EVERY NIGHT?! This city is amazing! I know some people from Hong Kong and they go for a month every year. I know why! This city looks like an experience just being there!

  11. charles198877 says:

    @cbrav0 yaaa,they do

  12. 77777XYZ says:

    china has all kind of evil things, so many death camp, secret police, etc etc,,,,,,,china is most hell place in the world, communist kill their against people without any permission necessary, chinese communist party killed historical amount of people, china is perfectly lawless zone for anythings

  13. cbrav0 says:

    I see the lights are in synchronization with the music. Do they broadcast music via radio with the show?

  14. apisitbest1997 says:

    Wow!! It’s amazing!!

  15. shadowninja8246 says:

    Yay thanks to TheDreamer i Found that the british finally leave my home country the year i was born YES!

  16. Theblackspy12 says:

    1:18 boat boat

  17. nometronome says:

    Makes me want to travel to asia.

  18. jimbobhk2009 says:

    i love the way it reflects of the smog

  19. hanasdigi says:

    total cheating in hongkong, we have very los in hongkong

  20. TheSimanH says:

    I’ve been there. My Das lives there. Amazing City. Amazing light show. It’s awesome.

    But Singapur is the best. Trust me ^^

  21. MsLovehg says:

    I also like this thought…
    If not Britain, Hong Kong Cannot successful..
    i love uk,,I love hong kong..I hate PRC…

  22. 123omgwtfbbqX says:

    parents born in hong kong
    im born in canada
    never been there
    wanted to all my life…

  23. 77777XYZ says:

    all people is not equal under the communism china,most of people is so poor,but major communist has so many privilege,car house food etc etc,,,,,,major communist in china just want to keep those privilege,so that why they killed historical amount of their citizen,its typical characteristic of communism,communist kill their against people without any permission necessary,china is perfectly lawless zone,chinese communist party killed historical amount of people for keep major communist`s privilege


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