Google and Samsung, a look at what’s new from Android – Hong Kong Video

Google / Samsung introduce Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich – October 19, 2011 Hong Kong
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  1. @pyro74boy Yes i do agree on that anything running the internet can get viruses, but as of now all iOS devices doesn’t have anything in that sort except if you jailbreak it of course.

    Yes Apple is an overrated company but i still do believe that iOS is far more superior in my opinion and for my set of use.

  2. @Triktexcy ANYTHING running the internet can get viruses it is true that there are not as many viruses for iOS devices vs others but to say that the iphone can’t get viruses is a untrue statement. The fact is that Apple is VERY over rated as a company and Android is a far better OS.

  3. @pyro74boy Actually that control thing apple has is for an reason they check on everything that comes in on their App Store so they shouldn’t get any unsuitable software on there products like viruses and thats why we haven’t seen any sort of viruses on any iDevice, unlike Android that doesn’t look on anything.


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