CCTV footage of devastating typhoon sweeping Hong Kong – Hong Kong Video

Stock market suspended trading and shops and businesses were shuttered in Hong Kong as devastating Typhoon Nesat was approaching. The disaster made its way across the South China Sea from the Philippines where it killed 35 people and left another 45 missing. Residents of Hong Kong hunkered down on Thursday as they rode out a powerful typhoon. A barge also ripped free from its moorings and slammed into a seawall on Hong Kong Island, forcing nearby apartments to be evacuated, news reports said. Nesat brought death and destruction when it tore through the Philippines earlier this week triggering some of the worst flooding in downtown Manila in decades, before blowing out toward southern China with winds of 75 mph. RT on Twitter RT on Facebook
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23 Responses to “CCTV footage of devastating typhoon sweeping Hong Kong – Hong Kong Video”

  1. bozkurt83 says:

    long live the CCP

  2. GOWSALAable says:

    Nature disaster like Earthquakes, tsunami,typhoon are shown us that the beginning of the World end

  3. CandyYum96 says:

    was this the typhoon last thursday? it wasn’t nearly that bad where I live :O (peak area)

  4. ITSbigwillystyle says:

    @walker20082009 Alright, highly unusual nature I must add at that.

  5. walker20082009 says:

    @ITSbigwillystyle fuk this is nature not end you prick

  6. blackdreamhunk2 says:


    oh one more I am not going to stop watching my videos like whos your daddy!

  7. ITSbigwillystyle says:

    Earthquakes, tsunamis, disasters. It’s the beginning of the end.

  8. nil1230 says:

    i want a CAT 4 typhoon like KATRINA to HIT CHINA.

  9. leloodallasmultipass says:

    ok, wow.

  10. Wolfsbane909 says:

    @pakheng yeah different districts, air port Taxis, but mostly Red.

  11. steelix18 says:

    @DrSniperLT sub me

  12. wikifacts says:

    @pakheng That is a very good answer (-:

  13. Parapon3ra says:

    This is what you get when worship false gods and anger Poseidon.

  14. DrSniperLT says:

    @steelix18 Why i should subscribed to you? Youre not smarter than a potato.

  15. Isaiah6517 says:

    @rathb18 do you believe your life depends on green pieces of paper with pyramids and eyes on it?

  16. pakheng says:

    @Wolfsbane909 there are also green and blue taxis.

  17. pakheng says:

    @wikifacts of course we do, the wind generated by the typhoon was so strong that the chain of the anchor broke. mind you, this was the only ship which ran aground

  18. TITAN0402 says:

    @SpecialWire No it isn’t!

  19. rathb18 says:

    @Isaiah6517 that’s only because people are to afraid of death, and they want something to be there after death so they wont be so afraid no more. but really do you actually think you spirit flies off into the night to some magical place?

  20. MegaRavans says:

    this is just start of shit storm 2 cume

  21. Isaiah6517 says:

    @rathb18 there is more to this world than meets the eye, tragic most can’t see that. Sorry to be harsh but for most only the deathbed or hospital bed wakes them up.

    I do not belong to any religious movement.

  22. samsorrows says:


  23. zwoodard21 says:

    To all you doubters, check my page.


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