Hong Kong Synchronized Dancing – Hong Kong Video

Hong Kong Synchronized Dancing

Video Rating: 4 / 5

23 Responses to “Hong Kong Synchronized Dancing – Hong Kong Video”

  1. Mowstak3 says:

    @europamuzik may the force be with you dude

  2. Mowstak3 says:

    may the force be with you dude

  3. europamuzik says:

    @Dzoksi First Track is: Skrubz – With You

  4. Dzoksi says:

    First song please!

  5. Mowstak3 says:

    the nome of first song please

  6. DavidMctroll says:

    @europamuzik DUDE! <3

  7. incaduracell says:

    @europamuzik cant thank you enough!!! thanks

  8. XexxRott says:

    @Sceptile24 The dancing at 4:20 is a reference to the song Sexy and I Know It by LMFAO, the artist of the song. They do this in their music video which can be found on YouTube. Following it is the song Party Rock Anthem, also by LMFAO, in which they’re ‘shuffling’.

  9. europamuzik says:

    Hey everyone, For those of you who are wondering.. the First Track is: Skrubz – With You. LIKE comment if it helped you find it! :)

  10. AbsoluteZeroMusic says:

    hey there. ya dont like the good music do ya? oh cmon then check my channel out be sure to let your ears “gasm” all over.

  11. Lov3kat says:

    this is really good!! Living in Hong Kong i don’t see any ‘good’ dance groups!
    This is awesome!

  12. VictoriasSecret27 says:

    @Keshimaru yes because i didnt laugh at a video i MUST go to the hospital so they can cure me…….you make total sense. P.S. still dont know why a dance is funny….

  13. LaioSilveira says:

    Difficulty: ASIAN

  14. radigass says:

    Who’s the dam camera man? what a shitty job.. didnt zoom in when the girls took off their jackets.. * PISS’d OFF* haha

  15. ryanmarkdante1 says:

    Amazing Man! Love the movesssssss. Love the shuffling part. Everything was great. Well done peps.

  16. Mowstak3 says:

    the nome of first song please XD

  17. vlogdarobo says:

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  18. xcuanz says:

    the first track name??

  19. WhingerST says:

    dubstep rules..哥要去英国看Dubstep Live!

  20. xgahxsk8 says:

    What the music at 2:45 ?

  21. xgahxsk8 says:

    4:34 , THE BEST!

  22. Ikuzo32 says:

    @Mowstak3 1st song is ”In heaven with you”, but it’s not the dubstep version :(

  23. Ikuzo32 says:

    best part from 1:18 to 1:28


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