Hong Kong – Hong Kong Video

Hong Kong Destination Report from Cruise Today

24 Responses to “Hong Kong – Hong Kong Video”

  1. TheMochaMonster says:

    Ahhh proud to be from Hong Kong ^ w ^

  2. jeedoo66 says:

    Why ?

  3. SuperQuinkan says:

    My next holiday destination….

  4. missumileycyrus says:

    i will go to hong kong tomorrow :)

  5. deckaperdana says:

    I will go to Hong Kong in June 2012

  6. MrJebzoh says:

    Can’t wait to go here in June!

  7. 725yankin says:


  8. hellowsaw says:

    its fog guys not haze or smog. i been there b4 the weather is always like thos unless on summerdays.

  9. thou says:

    me too!

  10. skaterjay86 says:

    I’m going in a few weeks can’t wait!

  11. axcvilla says:


  12. firehand1011 says:

    hazy day? that is called pollution love

  13. 333apollon says:

    i suggest to take hong kong out of your list!!

  14. mstbg says:

    1:08 hot girl!! Love

  15. jbartz says:

    I’d love to take a cruise through a giant cloud of poison gas!

  16. TheSilviepie says:

    I’m studying abroad there this summer! :D

  17. nellie2581 says:

    I’d like to visit Hong Konkg

  18. rocketman4659 says:

    im from hk and im proud of that

  19. RolandfionaRuby123 says:

    I hope one day i too like to go too hong kong Australia

  20. MsHerosek says:

    this city is magic

  21. spore637 says:

    Not really. I’m from Hong Kong. Many people get jobs which requires a lot of energy and time but the employers always pay them at a low salary. Finding a high-salary job in Hong Kong is not easy.

  22. Sliceoflive1 says:

    Have been there in october for 9 days and it’s really a great city.

  23. dakentaijutsu2010 says:

    Hong Kong is on my list to go see!

  24. 283051307 says:



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