Hong Kong-New Year’s Midnight Fireworks 2012 HD – Hong Kong Video

New Year 2012 Hong Kong Fireworks

12 Responses to “Hong Kong-New Year’s Midnight Fireworks 2012 HD – Hong Kong Video”

  1. Vimtox says:

    I hope it does offend them for having terrible taste in music.

  2. 89990000 says:

    I don’t like your opinion because it can offend someone who likes Christina Aguilera and Maroon 5.
    Mariana Erwin

  3. MrRomanReal says:


  4. Backoffboogaloo says:

    I want your apartment!

  5. guelma24lyes says:

    maroon5 feat Christina Aguilera (Moves Like Jagger )

  6. MrRomanReal says:

    name song?

  7. guelma24lyes says:


  8. Vimtox says:

    Are you fucking serious? Ruined a potentially cool vid with one of the most shit, talentless, annoying songs ever made?

  9. TheAlkan says:

    Cool Fireworks.. круто

  10. esguerra1 says:

    cheers, you are too kind. happy 2012 to you! jeremy

  11. esguerra1 says:

    cheers for the compliments. yes, mounted on my Gitzo tripod! i can’t stand videos with jerky footage either. but apologies for the slight jerk in the middle as i zoomed and fuzzy focus in parts. i was using manual focus and manual zoom and too busy watching the real thing out the window instead of on the camera sorry! cheers, jeremy

  12. esguerra1 says:

    obrigado brazil! happy new year to all of you over there! hope to visit during Carnaval sometime! have a great 2012! jeremy


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