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Hong Kong court overturns landmark ruling on maids To see more go to Follow us on Facebook ( or Twitter ( 300000 migrant workers keep Hong Kong’s households moving. Now, amid claims they are treated as second class citizens, the city’s maids are challenging laws that forbid them from getting permanent residency. Invisible for most of the week, this army of domestic workers emerges on to the streets on Sunday afternoons, to socialise and meet with friends. They are a familiar sight, but are currently at the centre of a heated legal battle. The Mission for Migrant Workers vocally campaigns on their behalf, against authorities not afraid of dubious tactics, like stirring up public bias by claiming hundreds of thousands of them might settle on the already crowded island. “I think there is a racial element to this”, claims a lawyer involved in the campaign. Mistreatment of the maids also remains a serious issue. Wahyuni’s employer terminated her contract whilst she was receiving treatment for cancer. For her, “every day is painful”. A Film By SBS Distributed By Journeyman Pictures April 2012
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20 Responses to “Maid Wars – Hong Kong – Hong Kong Video”

  1. guayx2 says:

    Again, you need to read what I wrote first before responding. I never said anything about Canada and exploding populations, you pulled that out of your ass. Canada is multicultural, China is NOT. Suggesting China to be multicultural is like saying Vaitcan City needs to adopt Islamism, it’s absurd and stupid, not that you would understand.

  2. channelswimmer says:

    Don’t talk to Canada (or White country) about exploding populations. In the 50’s Canada, US were 90%+ White European, in a few decades the founders, builders, engineers of these countries are 60% if you’re lucky, and the gov’t now actively promotes foreigners ahead of Canadians. Now outnumbered by foreigners in many areas. We are told this is a good thing. China now needs to embrace it. So what if Fils take over half of HK? That’s multiculturalism! Vancouver “loves” it and HK will too. Kisses.

  3. guayx2 says:

    HK however allow permanent residency for people who have worked there for 7 years, but this does not apply for foreign domestic helpers (filipino maids), because they are highly regulated to ensure they fulfill their purpose and no more. If they were to be allowed permanent residency, HK’s population would explode overnight by 17%, and these new residents would be allowed to bring in more family members to add to HK’s already extreme population density.

  4. guayx2 says:

    Wrong, wrong, wrong. I would ask you to research the immigration policies of Canada and HK but I guess you’re too busy spewing crude remarks and racial slurs, like a child trying to get his point across, so i’ll just tell you straight up. Canada is an immigration country, becoming a permanent resident and applying for citizenship there is very simple.

  5. channelswimmer says:

    Chinks have been here, but in miniscule numbers and miniscule contributions. They are in no way the “backbone” of this nation. They are insignificant in the grand scheme of things. You speak against the Fils, but really you are the perfect advocate. They have to start somewhere, just like the smelly rail road Chinks, those dirty stupid motherfuckers. Get it? The Fils have kids too. They are now chinks. Embrace them, just as we have embraced you chinks. It’s the way of the world. Hypocrite? You?

  6. guayx2 says:

    Also, ever heard of “an eye for an eye makes the world blind”? Of course not, I wouldn’t expect you to understand it anyways.

  7. guayx2 says:

    I would like to politely ask you again to read what I wrote regarding skilled Chinese workers vs filipino maids, because clearly you skipped that part. And regarding immigrants, HK immigrants have lived in Canada for many generations, since the construction of the rail road, when they were indeed treated like crap, but they sucked it up and pulled through. Now they have children and grandchildren, all of whom are Canadian.

  8. channelswimmer says:

    No, sugar. Most Chinese immigrants weren’t born in Canada (do you know what immigrant means?), they were born in China, which is why they’re immigrants….seriously wtf? They are foreigners. Perhaps if they were treated like the filipinas were in China, they would be in a similar situation over here. Maybe the foreign chinks should get out of Canada, the foreign Fils get out of China and everyone’s happy. Balance restored.

  9. xander8909 says:

    coz i’m not stupid & shallow minded like you. speaking on behalf of your country doesn’t make you patriotic my yellow friend, it make you stupid.

  10. guayx2 says:

    no… not really. the filipinas in HK only work as maids and nothing else, this doesnt classify them as a skilled worker and therefore they do not have a priority when registering for residency or citizenship, so naturally they are treated like aliens (like illegal mexicans in the US). However, the chinese immigrants, most of whom were born in Canada, are already canadian citizens AND have a higher class job, they do not rely on the government, so they are more favoured. Make sense babe?

  11. crystalevans1954 says:

    Well, there have been cases of employers not paying their maids for months or even years and their families end up having to beg or borrow money to get food.

  12. channelswimmer says:

    HK chinks treat the foreign filipinas like shit/2nd class citizens. Time for Canada to treat the foreign HK chinks like shit/2nd class citizens. Get it now Gomer?

  13. jugoolick2006 says:

    Feel bad for them.

    Why don’t you let them become citizens in your country if you feel so bad for them?

  14. jugoolick2006 says:

    Feel bad for them.

    Life is so much better in the Philippines isn’t it? They should go back to the Philippines for the much better life.

  15. jugoolick2006 says:

    Everybody, please see all these comments by Filipinos, who say that Hong Kong is so bad, Hong Kong people are chinks, blah blah blah.

    But while they’re saying that, all these Filipino maids want to become Hong Kong citizens so they must not actually think that Hong Kong is so bad.

  16. jugoolick2006 says:

    these people or what u call maids are working decently

    How do you know?

  17. jugoolick2006 says:

    I cannot imagine a maid working 16hours a day with only one day off per week.

    You don’t seem very concerned about these maids when they were unemployed in the Philippines.

  18. jugoolick2006 says:

    I cannot imagine a maid working 16hours a day with only one day off per week.

    Well, can you imagine the same maid, without work in the Philippines starving to death begging for food?

  19. guayx2 says:

    that has no connection to the hong kong maid situation at all…. how did you manage to make the connection?

  20. crystalevans1954 says:

    It is sad that employers treat their maids less than human. I cannot imagine a maid working 16hours a day with only one day off per week.


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