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In Asia’s world city, the unique fusion of East and West, tradition and innovation, vibrancy and serenity in a compact city means a great variety of travel experiences are to be had every visit, every day and even every moment. Come to Hong Kong to experience a destination like no other. Come to explore our different worlds! beta.discoverhongkong.com
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  1. What’s with the hate, kid? I was just telling what’s gonna happen soon. Your imaginary Buddha won’t save you, maybe you should try praying louder haha.

  2. Ahh I see you were writing in context to the video, sorry for my misunderstanding. I thought you meant $1000 just for spending per day.

    Good news is just in case other people in interested staying in HK $1000 AUD (not including accommodation) lasts for about 9 days if you take it easy 🙂

  3. Daintao I guess you know HK well but I write about this video (and not about something else): Suite in InterContinental, Helicopter ride, Shopping, Scuba Diving, Disney World, Clubbing, Gambling … actually I guess you would need 10000 usd for that day, and $1000 you can lose if you go crazy in Wan Chai, who hasn’t 😉


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