3 more Cushing’s cases found

Three more cases of Cushing’s syndrome and other adverse effects affecting patients who received acupuncture or other treatment provided by registered Chinese medicine practitioner Ma Siu-wing have been identified by the Department of Health.


The cases were notified through the 2125 1133 hotline and by patients seeing a doctor. They bring the total number of suspected cases related to this practitioner to 13 so far.


The two women and one man, aged 35 to 56, received acupuncture treatment from the practitioner for illnesses such as eczema before the onset of Cushingoid features or related symptoms, and were subsequently diagnosed as having either adrenal insufficiency or iatrogenic Cushing’s syndrome.


There was no apparent source of high dose exogenous steroid received by them during the course of acupuncture treatment by the practitioner.


Among them, the two women were among the five cases reported so far that had received injections apart from acupuncture from the practitioner.


The three cases will be referred to the Chinese Medicine Council.


Ma’s patients who feel unwell should contact the department via the 2125 1133 hotline or consult their doctors.


The hotline has received 133 enquiries since it opened on August 23. Eighty-eight callers have claimed they received acupuncture treatment from the practitioner.

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