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A number of poles and electrical boxes along Nathan Road in Hong Kong have been used by a "street writer" to vent complaints and threaten retribution. The writer is, I believe, called XT. The writing spans about a six block stretch of Nathan Road – presumably the writer’s ‘patch’. One pole says: "Bloody accursed damned for eternity." Then a short list of names.

On one pole the writer says something about water at 1:30 at the OC Building, and there is an Owner’s Corporation building nearby on Nathan Road; also mentions a blue bicycle with a Flying Pigeon logo, which is a Hong Kong Vintage Cycle Club; the narratives often start with the letters XT, which could mean exempt, because the writer exempts certain people and animals from ‘something’.

The writer is particularly angry with someone named Jason: "Jason is a Q/LIV posing as an American cowboy (ComBAT) or else as ??? of Manchester Football team (turn him over to 2 of muslim dogs)." The name Jason is repeated on many poles.

The writer seems very angry about mainland communists taking over Hong Kong, especially the Hong Kong Police Force and the Fire Services Department: "… they wear hats similar to jockey caps but with ugly top …". The writer also expresses a strong distaste for some merchants": "Nasty hawkers who think they rule HK! particularly on Shanghai St. opposite the Community Centre. They’re mainly communists from mainland China (Q LIV MIC’S) They’re very sadistic to dogs and cats."

The writer lists names and local businesses and animals: "TO/DO Q/LIV Total David/Rob/Barbara Yuki/MIC Lok Mai Wah Yuk Choyi … Hip Rodents … Yan Mary (exempt) … Exempt Cat/dog/Kitten Puppy Owl/Canary Pigeon Cockatoo KingFisher … green/red parrots." Cats and dogs are apparently exempt from retribution. The writer dislikes gangs and has very clear ideas about poultry: "All MIC/MIN … Hen/Do/IT/vermin/perverts/communists Traitors Vomit/poultry … Shing gangs esp. Kaishing … (long list) … *DUCKS are not XT & DUCKS are not poultry – only chickens."

There are also messages that appear to be public announcements or warnings: "Waterloo Rd is CLOSED from Onward ??? Bldg. to ??? Kowlown … for cruelty to dogs in particular … to cats in general … lists several religions … main culprits … esp sadistic to spaniels and tong gau’s." And: "Mickey Kai Mouse esp. in lightgrey apparel – for threatening to kill … (MIC ears, behaviour & hardly any chin … attacked a lone Scotswoman & had to hold back by several ABM’s."

I think ABM means Anyone But Me, and MIC means Made In China. But I have been unable to figure out what Q/LIV means? Hong Kong has a long history of street art and graffiti. Also, there seems to some correlation between XT and the Kowloon Emperor (Tsang Tsou Choi – November 12, 1921 – July 15, 2007), who wrote on lampposts, utility boxes and various other street objects. Tsang "claimed that he had studied his ancestral tree and discovered that most of the land of Kowloon belonged to his ancestors. He said that Kowloon belonged to his grandfather, in particular. There are no records which back up Tsang’s claim." (Wikipedia)

"The contents of his (Tsang’s) calligraphic graffiti usually included his name, his title (Emperor or King of Kowloon, Hong Kong, or China), his family tree (a variable list of about 20 individuals), the names of illustrious emperors, and the exclamation, "Down with the Queen of England!" (Wikipedia)

The present ‘street writer’, though, uses the Queen’s English and seems to have a certain relationship with Scotland. But the lists of names and the rants seem similar, thematically. And there is every likelihood that they share the stigma of being mentally unbalanced.

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