A Hong Kong Night in Seoul – Hong Kong Video

Hong Kong Cafe: http://naver.me/xE7C3GlI
Artist Documentary: iamsunmu.com

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  1. How are you confident about vloggging in public? 😉 Any advice?

  2. You're videos are so calming! How much Korean do you know? I'm learning right now but my intonation is pretty off :/

  3. I love how you say 12 degrees is really warm. I'm a Cali girl and I would die. Lol ?

  4. Cariiii if you are going to Hong Kong, I'll buy you tons of pineapple buns ???

  5. I really like your video and you are so diligent You upload even 2 or 3 vibs in one day. This is really making my day because my daily lives are so boring Haha but here is one thing I want to talk to you about your North Korea thing. Acutally, it is dangerous thing to say that summu artisit, he is helping to North Korea people escapte to South Korea. TBH, North Korea is a country who have their own people like South Korea, we have same ethnicity and having relatives to each other. I know North Korean people have been struggling with poverty but that can't be the reason we are taking their people out of their nation. We are accepting North Koreans in terms of refugee support but I think it is better to donate food to North Korea not trying to break down their country. We have some charity groups here in South Korea. Sometimes, North Koreans don't adjust themselves in South Korea and they want to go back. I'm not saying thier dictatorship is right but only because their leader has done autocracy, their people should leave their country because they have been lived for thousand years & many koreans want to be reunited peacefully not the radical way like producing refugee. The way sunmu doing can be used bad for people to insist kind of war to break down North Korea but most of koreans want to be together peacefully of course. So when saying about North Korea, we should be very careful. Sorry for too long comments. 🙂

  6. Two videos in one day? I feel so spoiled right now. I would love to know how you find out about some of these places because they are almost always off the beaten path which I think is pretty cool.


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