The Sleep Curse 恐怖片《失眠》香港影帝黃秋生先生 攝影:中西良太 Hong Kong cult movie star Mr. Anthony Wong Photographed by Filmmaker Ryota Nakanishi – Hong Kong Picture

The Sleep Curse 恐怖片《失眠》香港影帝黃秋生先生 攝影:中西良太  Hong Kong cult movie star Mr. Anthony Wong Photographed by Filmmaker Ryota Nakanishi

崇拝する香港の大スター、アンソニー·ウォン先生との素敵な映画交流イベントに成功!Hong Kong cult movie star Mr. Anthony Wong who is well known for the cult horror movie The Untold Story (1993, HK) with me! He is like Mr. Gunnar Hansen for The Texas Chainsaw Massacre(1974, US) I met and interacted with both of them! 終於在香港我跟我最愛的香港影帝黃秋生先生(《無間道》的黃警司;《八仙飯店之人肉叉燒包》的王志恆)見面,並且英皇電影集團的工作團隊及大家共創了恐怖片《失眠》這部優質港制類型片的電影交流活動和藝術價值!我的結論是香港仍然是最會拍類型片的,而且這部比《咒怨》更有歷史內涵!看看劇中角色林醒。電影的內容是透過劇中人如何對那些悲劇反應而表現出來的。這部電影不是亂殺人的,也不是反日片,而是真正的電影藝術!
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SEALDs=CIA=NED: Who guides Japan’s ‘SEALDs’ pro-democracy movement?

NED-funded Taiwan Sunflower Movement, Hong Kong Umbrella Revolution, Vietnam VOICE, SFT and the student group SEALDs from Japan reached agreement to establish international fake-grass-roots-movement network for future joint-operations at Manilla gathering in April 2016!

NED=NDI=USAID=CIA mentioned in the document so called ‘2012 Strategy Document,’ NED is going to establish cross-regional networks of activists which including recruit of young people.

在NED的「2012 Strategy Document」中,NED的重要目標之一,就是建立跨境激進分子網絡,當中年輕人便是計劃的主要構成部分。” See more:

Thus, that Manila conference 2016 was part of the NED strategy. In this international context, you can correctly understand the political phenomenon in your country or region. Protect your true democratic social movement and nation from the infill traitors who manipulated by imperialists. This has been exactly the true enemy, ‘stealth imperialism’ that under-oppressed people of the world have fought for decades since World War 2.

分析レポート(Analysing Report):

日本のSEALDs (the present name:ReDEMOS)は、全米民主主義基金NEDの人工芝運動である。NEDとは、CIAの代理で国務省の意向で標的国、地域の政治的不安定化を惹起し、その外交目的を達するために、NGOなど民間団体を組織し、資金援助し大衆工作を行う機関である。JICA国際協力事業団は、日本における全米民主主義基金NEDのパートナーである。


Analysing Report:

Japan’s SEALDs (ReDEMOS) is a NED-funded Fake Grass Roots Movement. NED is an organization that funded and guided by State Department to disturb and manipulate targeted countries or regions by organising and funding NGOs to conduct its mass operations. NED functions as a kind of subsidiary of CIA.



事実関係:カラー革命、アラブの春、台湾ひまわり運動、香港傘革命、ベトナム/フィリピンVOICE 、チベットのSFT反中運動などが、全米民主主義基金NED(National Endowment for Democracy)に、資金援助されその人工芝運動を実施してきたことは大方周知の事実である。

Facts: As a matter of fact, Color Revolution, Arab Spring, Taiwan Sunflower Movement, Hong Kong Umbrella Revolution, Vietnam and Philippine Anti-China Movement VOICE, SFT (Students for a Free Tibet) are funded by NED.

本年4月上旬から中旬にフィリピンのマニラで全米民主主義基金NED(National Endowment for Democracy)が支援する東アジアのこれらの人工芝運動の代表達が集い、活動報告を行い、未来の国際的な合作とネットワーク化に合意した。

NED funded fake grass roots group leaders gathered together in Manilla in Philippine in this April 2016. At the conference, they did not only reporting their activities for each other, then they also reached an agreement to establish international network for their future complexed international operations.

評価:全米民主主義基金NED(National Endowment for Democracy)の支援するこれらの人工芝運動団体の組織と迎合、協調する組織も、彼らと合作する組織も全体として全米民主主義基金NED(National Endowment for Democracy)の勢力を構成する。

Calculation: In general, all groups and organizations that follow them, connect with them, cooperate with them are part of NED groups and its schemes.

Article about the Manilla Gathering:

この会合の表向きの主催者団体は、ベトナムに拠点を持ち、全米民主主義基金NED(National Endowment for Democracy)にファンドされて反政府、反中活動を行っているVOICEというNGOである。しかも、VOICEは同じく全米民主主義基金NEDにファンドされて反政府テロに従事しているViettanと関連した組織である。それは、しかもフィリピンに支部を持っており、フィリピンの反中でもお馴染みである。

On the surface, the organizer of the Manilla Gathering was NED-funded NGO, VOICE. It is basically a Vietnamese political organization for anti-government and anti-China movement, but it also has a branch in Philippine. Furthermore, VOICE is seemed to be a branch of the anti-government terrorist group Viettan that also funded by NED.

Viettan is known as Vietnamese notorious anti-China Movement in both Viettnam and Philippine in 2014, also it is well established anti-gorvernment terrorist group that funded by US and located all over the world.

References:ベトナム革新党 (Viettan)年ベトナム反中デモ 

記事(News Article):



The first conference of young political groups in which they discussed about Asian democracy and situations of democratization was held in the capital city Manilla for three days.



Representatives from countries like Japan, Philippine and more than ten countries or regions attended the meeting. Then, they agreed unanimously that they will cooperate and establish network for development of Asian democracy.


Japanese representatives were Aki Okuda(23) and Chiharu Takano(22) whose organization, SEALDs known for anti-national security law and Demonstration at the front of Parliament(Diet).



Taiwanese representatives were two student leaders of Sunflower movement that occupied their parliament for disagreeing with forcible decision on Service Trade Agreement between China and Taiwan.


Hong Kong representatives were two ex-chiefs of secretary of Umbrella Revolution that occupied Central Hong Kong for pursuing democracy and fair election. And others were from Philippine, Vietnam and Myanmar. Besides these, there were some democratic activists who could not disclose their attendance for safe consideration under their domestic situations.


During the conference, they mentioned the present situation and future of their own countries or regions, and they agreed exchanging information of each other and co-operations by learning each advantages.


The first conference was held in Philippine due to the NGO, VOICE which operates between Philippine and Vietnam. And they plan organizing annual conference and publishing joint statement.


After the meeting, Mr.Okuda and Ms.Takano told Manilla News that other representatives applauded their speaking choir in rap music style and pop cultured demonstration as ‘innovative’.


Moreover, they said that they were astonished when others said: Japan is progressively the most democratic country in Asia.


Mr.Okuda commented that the situations of every countries are different, and their aimed form of democracy differs from each other. However, he also said: Don’t forget that we can achive that goal as long as we keep fighting. He stated they will keep observing the practice of the national security law.

(冨田すみれ子)Sumireko Tomita reported.


The reporter of the article was Sumireko Tomita who has a close relationship with SEALDs.



And more serious matter is that the truth of the Manilla Shinbun.
Manilla Shinbun is a member of The Association of Nikkei and Japanese Abroad. Then, The Association of Nikkei and Japanese Abroad belongs to JICA (a.k.a. Japanese International Cooperation Agency). JICA has been in cooperation with NED for long years. See the Symposium that they held with each other.Their aim is so called Democratisation. Ofcourse, it means in its true meaning that it is political destabilisation of targeted countries or regions.




See the Record:


In sum, JICA is one of key partners of NED in Japan.

JICA owns The Association of Nikkei and Japanese Abroad and its member Manilla Shinbun which exclusively reported the news of the Manilla Gathering. Moreover, JICA is run by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan. Japanese government supports NED imperialism in Asia.

Proof of NED manipulation and involvement in Japanese political disturbances is the following photo. NED was actually cerebrating their fake grass roots spreading in Japan. Why did NED retweet and comment on the SEALDs protest?

See the below:

Additional info.

1) One of the intellectual supporters of SEALDs is Tatsuya Yoshioka who is a representative of Peace Boat, and who is also a commissioner of ADN which funded by NED. Peace Boat is one of relative organisations of NED and SEALDs.

2) Lawyer of SEALDs Kazuko Ito and her organisation Human-rights-now has a tight relationship with the NED-related Peace Boat.

3) On July 30, 2017, Joshua Wong publicly claimed that Asian Democratic Youth Net Work consists of eight countries grass root movement leaders.



About VOICE, you can read the article below for further knowledge on the issue.


Beware of Trinh Hoi and VOICE – A branch of terrorist Viettan

Recently, several anti-governmental individuals have established series of illegal groups and organizations in the name of civil society such as Independent Journalists Association of Vietnam, League of Independent Vietnamese Writers, the Network of Vietnamese Bloggers, Association of Bau Bi Tuong Than coordinated by Le Thi Cong Nhan, Vietnamese Women for Human Rights coordinated by Huynh Thuc Vi, Brotherhood for Democracy coordinated by Nguyen Van Dai, Vietnamese Political & Religiuos Prisoners Friendship Association coordinated by Nguyen Bac Truyen, Former Vietnamese Prisoners of Conscience coordinated by Pham Ba Hai,… All these groups and organizations are born to oppose the Party and State of Vietnam. They try to abuse complicated and sensitive matters to distort the Party and State’s policies.
Rising from these groups, VOICE – an organization led by Trinh Hoi have showed many activities that go against common interests of Vietnam. So, who are Trinh Hoi and VOICE? Let find out with us.
From his introduction, we can see Trinh Hoi has a shiny CV (curriculum vitae) with a dream job, lawyer and has worked as an actor which for that he was awarded the Gold Kite prize of excellent main actor by the Vietnam Cinema Association, and it’s minded that he also was former son-in-law of general Nguyen Cao Ky, Nguyen Cao Ky Duyen’s husband.
Trinh Hoi was born in 1970 in Ho Chi Minh city. At the age of 15, he left Vietnam like other Vietnamese people at this time to earn themselves a better life and came to Australia. In abroad, he has taken part and conducted many activities with anti-Vietnam forces, including Viettan, a known terrorist organization.
In 2008, he cried out he was summoned by Vietnam’s security authorities about his involvement with Hoang Tu Duy – a spokesman of terrorist organization Viettan and was forbidden to enter the country.
Though there are not much information about this man, we still can see his true face by the act of using Nguyen Cao Ky Duyen’s email address, after divorce, to spread articles denoucing the government inside and outside the country and inciting protests and violence. Those articles had been sent to many forums and email addresses that shocked many people about Nguyen Cao Ky Duyen’s aggressive attitude. It took her time and efforts to explain these allegations.
According to anti-Viettan elements abroad, after being forbidden to come back Vietnam, Trinh Hoi has held many activities against the Party and State of Vietnam in the name of Viettan. For years ago, Trinh Hoi was a member of Len duong International Vietnamese Youth in Australia, a franchise of Viettan, which has nurtured some so-called member of Viettan central committee. Even, Trinh Hoi always insists that he is not a member of Viettan, (a common characteristic of members of Viettan to avoid being boycotted by overseas Vietnamese who don’t want to engage with this terrorist organization), but through all his activities we can draw an obvious answer for ourselves.
About VOICE, established in 2007, which Trinh Hoi is a founder and a director for the Philippines’ franchise, which Viettan built up to collect fund from native people and many kinds of Western funds of democracy and human rights. VOICE stands for "Vietnamese Overseas Initiative for Conscience Empowerment", an organization that disguise as a charity one to conduct activities against the State and people of Vietnam. VOICE has launched many training courses to create elements for anti-government campaigns.
Particularly, VOICE branch in Philippines, which led by Trinh Hoi, is claimed working to assist last Vietnamese boatmen with resettlements in Canada, and to support victims in Haiyan storm. But, the truth is he and his organization are trying to collect money for their activities against Vietnam.
It is said that with broad range of alleged charity activities, Trinh Hoi and VOICE have used their names just to raise fund for Viettan. For example, to operations of training elements for civil society movements, each year, VOICE has received a proper amount of money from National Endowment for Democracy (NED) and Human Rights Watch. But with all these budget, VOICE just can find enough individuals for their cources, so they have to use same trainees over and over.
So, while seeing Viettan as a terrorist organization against the State and people of Vietnam, through their complicity, it’s time for us to exclude VOICE from civil society organizations and name them as a terrorist branch, and they must be condemned!



Conclusion: In its nature, the Manilla Gathering was organised by NED. In other words, it’s a conference of NED funded Grass Roots Movements such groups as Taiwan Sunflower Movement, Hong Kong Umbrella Revolution, Vietnam/Philippine VOICE/Viet Tan, and Japan’s SEALDs. And this was not only a reconstruction of NED funded FakeGrass Roots Movements in East Asia and its network, but also it prepares future joint actions of these groups.

Don’t let them enter your beloved country or region! Down with stealth imperialism! 請勿讓美帝操作的假草根運動人士進入你所愛的國家地區!全亞洲人民的真正的主權獨立萬歲!全世界的工人階級在國際上團結實現更美好的民主主義社會!對美帝爭取獨立!
– Ryota Nakanishi (オールジャパン実行委員中西良太)
Citation from Mr.Nakanishi

Image published by RYOTA NAKANISHI A ONE-MAN ARMY RETURNS TO THE HELL on 2017-08-05 16:03:45 and used under Creative Commons license.

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