Select Service – Why You Should Consider A Serviced Office

When imagining the illustrious Hong Kong, images of skyscrapers surrounded by opulence and wealth come to mind. This would be an accurate picture of a territory that for over a hundred years has been a financial powerhouse in the Asia-Pacific market and markets around the world. In fact, the province is so wealthy that the average resident is a millionaire, and still, the cost to rent residential space in the city is extremely expensive.

Moreover, do not even try to lease office space in the city because commercial real estate is one of the highest in the world, competing with both New York and London for the top spot. Unfortunately, for small businesses Finance Street, or Kowloon for that matter, are inaccessible simply because the conventional office rents are ridiculously high. Fortunately, though, the serviced office can place your business right in any one of these prestigious areas as Servcorp serviced office in Hong Kong has office locations in both areas.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the reasons why you should consider the serviced office for your business.

Project The Right Image

When your office sits right in the middle of business wealth and opulence, this speaks volumes to your clients regarding the image you want to project, and in a place where image is a factor in business, the serviced office can help you get the attention of your clients. The immaculately maintained offices and professionally-trained staff can provide your business with the polish that can help land deals. Your serviced office off Finance Street or in Kowloon can provide you with a majestic view and help your business project a corporate image to your clients and to the business community as a whole.

Drastically Reduced Price

As stated previously, just in leasing office space alone, you stand to spend thousands of dollars monthly with office space in any of the major districts. After adding the cost to manage the office and then furnishing the space, all of the funding you might have would be spent on an office solution that is far less manageable than going with a serviced office.  The serviced office, conversely, more than reduces the cost. It drastically decreases the amount of money devoted to just the rent. One of the reasons is the serviced office’s all-inclusive format combines all of the necessities of the office into one monthly bill, saving businesses thousands in overhead every month. More importantly, the reduction in costs directly translates into being able to move closer to areas that can give your business access and the right amount of visibility.

Short-Term Commitment

For businesses that are more established in Hong Kong, committing to a lengthy lease might not be an issue as they have a proven track record. With start-ups and smaller businesses, being committed to a long and protracted lease is probably not beneficial to a business unsure of its standing in the community. Alternatively, the shorter serviced office lease can give your business the benefit of adequate, professional office space without tying you to a long contract. Furthermore, the initial start-up costs are much lower with many serviced offices, requiring only the month’s deposit and the first month’s rent. This flexibility allows businesses to scope out an area to see if it is lucrative before committing to a long-term contract.

The Serviced Office In Hong Kong

The serviced office is a reasonable alternative to high rents in the province. While it is not as trendy, or even popular, as current office space solutions, for the Hong Kong businessman or businesswoman, the serviced office can provide the class and professionalism that is still a part of modern business. More significantly, these spaces are much less.

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