a review of the documentary PANAMA PAPERS and some thoughts on why the average american is a bit of an idiot… & the “gas station cowboys©” — scott richard – Hong Kong Picture

a review of the documentary PANAMA PAPERS and some thoughts on why the average american is a bit of an idiot…

panama papers and the fallout

the most important thing you need to know about the “journalists” who are putting out this propaganda is :

www.flickr.com/groups/3041918@N25/ (in case you need to catch up with the FKING GREATEST invention of all time that is happening unbeknownst to most…. well, not our cheating, lying ASS, dumptruck president and putin…)

there are “MORAL” algorithms that are being built into AUTOKAR (the piloteless vehicle) and YOU have no say in this. there are MORAL dilemmas that are CONSTANTLY faced by drivers. there are many opportunities where a COMPUTER driven machine will be making decisions about WHAT to hit in case of a collision. for example, will there be upgradable options so that your “pilotless” ride will SAVE YOU and actively hurt someone else in order to “save you”?

this is the PHILOSOPHY behind this scheme. and it can end in many ways, but money usually wins.

for example, there are literally at least one hundred scenarios that can be debated in this realm but you won’t ‘have a shot at participating. the oligarchs of delhi or hong kong or moscow will pay to have those decisions made in their favor followed by the TRICKLE down economics that plague the neurotic politickings of men who become oligarchs (an imaginary state of ego oppression and psychotic delusions about humanity).

also, GLOBAL NEWS wants to have a “channel”.

i’ve written a lot about how NBC has been the PRIMARY VILLAIN in the united states (they are a foreign conglomerate, not american) to the point of manufacturing their own candidate (dumptruck president was groomed on "the apprentice") and then they cheated to win his presidency through an untold number of COLLUSIONS with all manner of ANTI-AMERICANS (i’ve traced many of these collusions and deceits in the group TRUMP AS A MEDIA ILLUSION: www.flickr.com/groups/trumpthetool/

for the record, NBC should be put on public trial and then EXECUTED. now that corporations have personhood, we can execute them for genocidal behavior and for promoting FAKE DRUGS and FAKE DISORDERS.

but the point is, these “powers” want to be the POWER that covers the international/global oligarchs and their drama, which makes up the GLOBAL ECONOMY.

so there doing everything they can to DISRUPT, spark REVOLUTION, mislead, misdirect, etc.

don’t trust them. they are run by an invisible oligarch called USURY.

lastly, WHITE MALE “oligarchs” have gotten waaaaay too much entitlement from their fellow whites. but they backstab their supporters at the first chance they get where it advances their own PSYCHOTIC neuroses.

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