Massive crowds protest China extradition law in Hong Kong – Hong Kong Video

Heritage Foundation’s Olivia Enos on how protesters took to the streets in Hong Kong to protest against a proposed extradition law with mainland China.

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  1. China now uses facial recognition on all citizens. Even jaywalking gets an automatic fine pulled from bank…a hit on credit score…also a hit on some evil thing called "social score".

  2. The West are just mad that they cant sell Opium to China anymore

  3. Stupid Brits abandoned HK…😭

  4. HK has seperate governing and economic system but the same constitution with China. And the special region's law is under the legislation of National People's Congress of China.

  5. Good for them for standing up. Republicans need to take lessons before we lose this country.

  6. You could have stayed a british colony………..I cant believe I'm saying that.

  7. Good job china. Don't give in to the traitors

  8. And that boys and girls is Communism 101!

  9. Dear Asian people don't fall for it.Haven't you learned anything yet?Western propaganda wants to break your country in half.Vietnam,Cambodia,Laos,India,Myanmar,Korea are the examples..

  10. Hong Kong should be independence and soon you going to be. Don’t trust Communist china.

  11. Threat to freedom anywhere, is threat to freedom everywhere…

  12. Strange, why would Fox send reporters (middle of the road) who know nothing about Hong Kong, its history, the severe problems with Communist China, and the attempts to obliterate freedoms and personal rights in Hong Kong, etc. Don't pretend that Fox has any international reporting authority at all, and least of all should be observing critical security events like this one from less than 6,000 miles away or on the tube! Sorry, but follow the lead of the Administration and do what you are told not what certain Fox communists tell you to do. CNN, MSNBC and other fake news morons are in every sense of the word TRAITORS AND WORK AGAINST THE SECURITY INTERESTS OF THE US. sm

  13. Once a people tasted freedom it's difficult to enslave them again. Except in the West where you introduce political correctness and teach them to hate their own countries, histories and cultures

  14. Great Hong Kong! Great Hong Kong people!! Support Hong Kong people defending precious rule of law!!!

  15. Extradition Law? Nope. This leads to forced relocation for the people of Hong Kong who are arrested for false crimes and who will then be replaced with the party elites from the mainland. China has a bad habit of using immigration as a slow creep to taking over and annexing neighbors. Inner Mongolia, Tibet, etc. Next in line, Hong Kong, then Taiwan.

  16. Fake news by American Fox. Hong Kong Taiwan Tibet Mongolia Vietnam are all part of great China. We can do whatever we want with our territory.

  17. Does this action from the Chinese actually surprise anyone? In the end Hong Kong is doomed anyway. People need to get out while they can. Giving it to China was an an of cowardice

  18. Does this action from the Chinese actually surprise anyone? In the end Hong Kong is doomed anyway. People need to get out while they can.
    Giving it to China was an an of cowardice


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